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[ Personal Care Communities ]

Personal care is a level of senior living recognized in Kentucky, but not every state. Our personal care communities are licensed by the Office of Inspector General. Personal care offers assistance with the activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, grooming, transferring, toileting, and eating. These communities can also provide some health services and can also administer medicines. Three meals a day, housekeeping, linen service and transportation are included, and often these communities will also take care of your personal laundry. There are many activities offered for their residents to enjoy both inside and outside of the community.

Some of the larger personal care communities will have various sized apartments for their residents, from a studio to a two bedroom. Other communities will just have a standard room. The pricing structure of personal care communities will vary greatly, with some having an all-inclusive monthly rate that covers everything, no matter how much assistance is needed, and some that will charge a rate for your apartment, and a rate for the level of care they assess you to need. In addition, some communities will add another monthly charge for the number of medications that need to be given. Companion living is offered at a few personal care communities as a savings option. A resident would share their accommodations with another resident, and therefore, reduce their costs.

Understanding the levels of senior living, along with the costs associated with each, can be difficult, and finding the right community that provides the care you need is challenging. But Home to Home has done the work for you! We know our local personal care communities in Louisville and Southern Indiana and can help you find the perfect one that meets your wants and needs, and fits your budget. Contact us today for free, personal assistance as you go from Home to Home.