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Are you a veteran or surviving spouse of a veteran? You may qualify for the Veterans' Aid and Attendance Special Pension which can help pay for senior living! Contact us today for free, personal assistance as you go from Home to Home.

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Sharon Bohnert started Home to Home because of her own personal experience in finding long term care for her father, who has Alzheimer’s disease. When they began their search, Sharon and her family spent countless hours scouring the yellow pages, searching the internet, and trying to find anyone who may personally know of a place. They had no idea that different communities provided different levels of care, what a community would cost, or if their father would have to be placed on a waiting list. Basically, Sharon and her family had no idea on many things, and this not only cost them a lot of time, but caused an incredible amount of stress.

From talking to other families through the years, Sharon has found that, unfortunately, her story is not uncommon. Not only is the process physically and emotionally exhausting, but often times families question whether they have explored all their options and truly found the best fit for their senior.

Home to Home's aim is to relieve some of the time and stress involved in finding senior living, while providing all the options so that the best choice can be made. Let Home to Home do the work for you, all at no cost to seniors and their families.

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